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How send message with Nintendo and connect it with iPhone

The Nintendo DS (NDS) is a hand-held game console, it is primary used for playing video games, the system also offers text messaging communication via the use of wireless chat applications and Internet browsers, Since the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL, released in 2009. You can also use the Personal Hotspot feature you can turn your iPhone into a portable wireless router, allowing the Nintendo devices to connect to the iPhone using Wi-Fi and share its 3G cellular data Internet connection.

A.      Send text message with Nintendo DS.

1.       Turn on your Nintendo DS by pressing the switch on the side of your hand-held console. Nintendo DS Lites are also powered on this way, but the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL models use a power button located below the directional keypad.

2.       Select the "PictoChat" icon from the main menu using your finger or the stylus pen.

3.       Type out your message using the virtual keyboard on the bottom screen. Alternatively, you can also draw or write out a message with the stylus.

4.       Click on the "Send" button once complete to send your text message to other users connected to the chat room wirelessly.


B.      Connect iPhone to Nintendo

1.       Acquire a bolt-on tethering package from your iPhone contract provider. Contact your provider for details on how to add a tethering package to your contract.

2.       Launch the "Settings" application on the iPhone by tapping its icon on the home screen, and tap the "Personal Hotspot" option.

3.       Slide the "Personal Hotspot" switch to "On." The iPhone is now ready to share its Internet connection with any nearby Wi-Fi devices.

4.       Launch the Wi-Fi connection app on your Nintendo console and search for nearby Wi-Fi networks. Tap the "Settings" button, followed by "Internet," >> "Connection Settings," >>"Search for Access Point."

5.       Select the iPhone's Wi-Fi network from the list of available access points on the Nintendo's connection screen. The iPhone's network can be identified by having the same name as your device, which is displayed at the top of the About screen in the General section of the Settings app.


6.       Wait for the Nintendo console to confirm its Internet connection before loading a game or application. The Nintendo is now tethered to your iPhone, and can share its Internet connection.

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Why Is It Good to Play Video Games from Eachmall.com?

Why Is It Good to Play Video Games from Eachmall.com? Playing Video Games is a great source of entertainment and can also help you improve and better yourself. Learn what games have to offer you and then get busy playing. Video games are often long, complex, and challenging. Yet players have to learn them and enjoy learning them or the companies that make them go broke. Video games furthermore "empower" certain children who have a difficult time in social situations.
Why Is It Good to Play Video Games?
Hand-Eye Coordination
Many people think of video games as harmful or a waste of time, but gaming actually has a number of benefits. Keep reading to learn the positive effects of video games!
One of the most obvious benefits from playing games is improved hand-eye coordination. Doing any task repeatedly will improve some type of ability, which includes mashing buttons and moving joysticks, PS3 Controller. It’s been proven that hand and finger movements are more precise after playing games.
Critical Thinking
Teaching people how to think isn’t an easy job, but video games are one of the best methods for improving critical thinking skills. The puzzles contained in video games can be extremely complex, as they were designed by teams of professionals. To overcome all of a game’s challenges, the brain is pushed to its limit, and the player becomes better at thinking quickly and rationally.
Stress Reduction
Life is stressful. After a long day of dealing with traffic, work, and bills, you need to find a healthy way to escape and relax. The satisfying nature of video games makes them the perfect outlet for stress, as you typically receive instant gratification for doing a task. It doesn’t hurt that you usually get to blow a few things up, too.
A common theme in video games is working together with others to accomplish a common goal. While real world problems aren’t as grand as saving the world from evil, the teamwork skills acquired from gaming are still very valuable. In fact, some people are even beginning to list leadership experience from video game clans when applying for jobs. Social Skills Most gamers tend to sit alone in a dark room, so you’re probably wondering how that could possibly improve their social skills. The truth is that the friendly virtual game environment makes it easier to talk and interact with strangers. Scientific studies have shown that introverts and loners can actually overcome many of their social fears through gaming!
You might be surprised to learn just how much factual information is crammed into a fictional video game. The best part is that this information is taught in a fun manner and it’s picked up subliminally along the way. Even violent shooters are full of interesting information, such as world geography or military terminology.
Navigation Skills
If you’re ever lost and don’t have a GPS, just ask a gamer for help. Video game players have been trained to read and use maps since day one, so they are ingrained with an amazing sense of direction. If you have a map, a gamer will get you anywhere you need to go. Even without a map, they’ll be able to draw on their experience and come up with a decent solution.
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Understanding How To Find The Best Video Games With These Great Tips from us

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Enhance the creativity and intelligence of children using the Eachgame building toys


Toys and games which both parents and children can share are an important means of achieving this co-operation. Eachgame Building-block toys and jigsaw puzzles and crosswords are good examples.

The building toys are one of the excellent toys that you can use for motor, sensory, and reflexes of the child and the child can use it to build or create any type of items that he has in his mind. The building toys are made from different materials like wood or plastic or foam and based on the age of the kid you have to buy the toy for him so that he is not hurt when he is playing with it.

Building toys play an important role in developing the brain of the kids because these toys teach them how to get understands the things in eth world around them. At the time of selection of eth toys for your kids you must be very intelligent like what kind of toys can enhance the mind skills of your kids. There are lots of types of building toys come in the market which are according to the requirements of your kids. By playing with these building toys creativity and skills of minds of kids increased.The toys that you bring for your kid should not be too complex too and the toy should match his age group. Based on different age group the building toys are designed for the kid. These building toys play an important role on the life of the kid. The toys have a vital role on the future of the kid. The toys with which the kid's play send a message about the values that are around them. So before gifting a toy to the kid you have to think twice as you are going to lay the foundation of the life of the kid.

There are different varieties of the toys that are available in the market and you have to select the best one for them. The building toys that you select for your kid should help him to learn new things and this toy also help him to develop some of his existing skills too. When your child plays with the building toys then he needs some instruction before he starts playing with it. So most of the building toys that are available on the market come with an instruction manual with it so that going through it the kid gets some idea regarding how to use the building toys. The parents can also help the kids in this case.

In Eachgame,There is  called “Enlighten Toys Building Block Fire House for Children”,the link http://www.eachgame.com/goods-20270.html

1. Not for children under 6 years

2、Enhances the children to begin the brain and imagination.

3、Improve children's recogition to the color, meanwhile advance the baby's resolving ability.

4、Improve the children's hand-eye coordination capablity, benefits for cultivate the baby's concentration.

5. Stimulates children's study interest.


The components that come with the building toys help them to use different combination so that they can make different models with it. The building toys help to develop the creativity of your child as the kid comes up with some original and new ideas and designs. The kids try to make use of their own imagination and creativity so that they can design or create some unique design items. The building toys helps in the mental development of your kid and the kids learn how by combining and joining different parts of the building toys they can build a new model.

Some studies have reported that mental exercise can slow or reverse cognitive decline.the Internet is chock full of educational products intended to boost children's self-esteem.you really like brains that make you think, don't you?









7 inch Capacitance Screen Android 4.0 Tablet PC in Eachgame




Looking to purchase a tablet PC?


Along with the technical development, the life style is more and more interesting.

Looking to purchase a cheapest and best tablet PC? A tablet personal computer is similar to a laptop PC and is outfitted with a touch screen that can be controlled with a stylus or a digital pen. You can even use your finger to control a tablet PC. You do not require a mouse or a keyboard to work with a tablet personal computer as opposed to a conventional desktop PC. Moreover, tablets offer greater mobility and are much simple to operate than laptops.

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Eachgame Facebook


Within the last six years, Facebook has dramatically changed the internet. In fact, many people are saying that Facebook is the new internet.

Facebook has changed the way we think about the internet. We have gone from millions of links between machines, to millions of links between people. The web is no longer filled with millions of anonymous people. It is now made up of friends, friends of friends and different networks and groups.

Here are several ways Facebook has changed the internet.

Finding People

When we look for a person on Facebook, we see an entire list of people all with the same name as the person we are looking for. By using profile pictures, we are then able to find the distinctive feature on Facebook.


Social networking sites have radically changed the way we think of privacy. People post pictures of everything from drunken parties to their newborn babies, with no fear of who might see them.

Facebook has privacy options, that allow you to determine who accesses the information on your page, so you can confine things to only be seen by friends, friends of friends, or the entire internet. You can also customise certain posts so that only certain friends can see them, so for example you can make sure that your granny doesn't see the pictures you posted of last night's party.

What about Other Things to do on facebook? such as Play Addictive GamesMeet Other PeopleCreate An ApplicationReply to MessagesChat With OthersFigure Out Your Event ScheduleCreate BuzzParticipate or Create GroupsCheck Birthdays and Send Giftsetc.

Eachgame is one of China’s leading B2C e-commerce sites, offering over tens of thousands items across dozens of categories. When you buy here, you will pay 10-70% less than on other websites. As an added bonus, all orders will be shipped to your door for free or just low payments. As a part of our commitment to quality customer service, we promise to respond to your inquiries or any complaints within several hours including Eachgame Facebook.Join the Eachgame Facebook competition and  wonderful gifts  now. Visit the Facebook page or paste this link into your browser: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eachgame/112746355440654

Wii U TV ad banned in UK for being misleading


Nintendo has released several TV commercials in the UK and elsewhere in the world. But one of the ads has now come under criticism for being misleading. One of the first TV ads to air in the UK showed the Wii U’s ability to play games on the GamePad controller alone. The game in the ad was New Super Mario Bros U, which can be played on the GamePad alone.

However, that doesn’t mean that all games can be played on the GamePad tablet controller. The UK Advertising Standards Authority believes the ad is misleading because it implies that all games can be played on the GamePad. Which isn’t true, of course — only a handful of games support this feature.

Nintendo tried to defend the ad, saying that gamers would understand the feature that’s being advertised, but the Advertising Standards Authority disagreed, and banned the ad from airing on UK networks. 

Finding The Right Mobile Phone Cases Shell For You



Finding The Right Mobile Phone Cases Shell For You

Whether you need to be practical or even fashionable there are various case to select from. Preserving the life span of your Mobile Phone is important, along with the right case, you can be sure that the screen, plug-ins, and covering are all saved in great case.

create a new concept of industrial design, financial function and aesthetics in one.

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New game releases of December 24-30


For some reason or another, not one single new game is landing on store shelves next Tuesday. In fact, new releases are light all round next week. Puzzling! We'll receive a smattering of downloadable DS and 3DS games and… that's it.

Here's our list of next week's new releases:


Nintendo 3DS

  • Fluidity: Spin Cycle (eShop – $11)
  • Johnny Impossible (eShop – $6)
  • Mahjong 3D: Warriors of the Emperor (eShop – $10)
  • Goooooal América (DSiWare – $5)
  • Jump Trials Extreme (DSiware – $2)
  • Wizard Defenders (DSiWare – $2)

Nintendo DS

  • Johnny Impossible (eShop – $6)
  • Mahjong 3D: Warriors of the Emperor (eShop – $10)
  • Goooooal América (DSiWare – $5)
  • Jump Trials Extreme (DSiware – $2)
  • Wizard Defenders (DSiWare – $2)

Dual Charge Dock Station for Nintendo Wii U Gamepad:cool experience


All that said, the designers emphasize that the game pad is designed to look "fanciful" and "reassure the gamer that he is not at work anymore" when he picks it up.

The Gamepad is exactly what Nintendo known as the Wii U controller, it appears like a tablet personal computer nevertheless where a tablet pc is only a touchscreen technology the Gamepad incorporates a number of buttons and controls, such as: Dual Analogue sticks, XBAY buttons, Triggers, Bumpers, Volume control, Home, Tv and even Power buttons. Not to mention a wonderful 6.2" touch screen that showcases at 16:9 aspect ratio!

An awesome innovation of the game controller is to be capable of play within the controller's screen alone with out the need to get a television, this does have range of about 30 yards evidently so you definitely won't be taking it to the bus! Although think about this situation, you in the middle of beating Bowser's head in on Mario knowing that selfish relative needs you put the football on, together with the switch of the button around the tablet pc you can take advantage of the pc tablet display screen as being the primary display screen as well as continue with your Bowser beat down!

The next-gen video game consoles deals out a very good punch and will offer the hardcore gamers having an intense and even diverse play style, whilst still supplying the family members enjoyment system the Wii was adored for so much. Nintendo originally mentioned the Wii U console would just help one Wii U Gamepad nonetheless after a press slating it at this point facilitates 2 Gamepad controllers.

Dual Charge Dock Station for Nintendo Wii U Gamepad and Remote 

Dual Charge Dock Station for Nintendo Wii U Gamepad and Remote White


    Designed to charge Wii U GamePad and Wii Remote conveniently with different colors
    Can be as a base station, which is convenient to hold Wii U GamePad when charging
    With charging indicator light
    Designed with 4 x anti-skid silicone pads at the bottom of the item
    With over-voltage, over-current, over-charging, over-discharge, positive and negative short-circuit protection function

    It has always been carried on innovation, entertainment, cutting-edge, more of the network era of speed, modern, integrated into the life.

    Game copiers for Nintendo DS ruled illegal in UK


    A High Court has ruled that devices that allow gamers to play pirated video games are illegal in the UK.

    The ruling specifically targets a range of popular devices which can be used to store and play copied games on the Nintedo DS handheld console.

    The ruling says "game copiers" are illegal to import, advertise and sell in the UK.

    Girl playing on a Nintendo DS Lite Handheld computer games

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Starting to Get Android 4.1 Upgrade



    Samsung promised an upgrade to Android 4.1 for its Galaxy Note 10.1, and this is reportedly starting to go out.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1There hasn't been an official announcement from Samsung, but people ?in Germany who have this tablet are reporting that this upgrade is showing up. When it will be available in other countries is not yet known.


    Aside from providing an upgrade to Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), the update will also bring a few new Samsung-exclusive features, including "pop up play" functionality, an "easy mode" with simple widgets for favorite and/or your most recently used apps, and a "blocking mode" that keeps the device quiet without it being turned off.

    Android 4.1 was introduced over the summer, but is already being replaced with Android 4.2.

    Now,Eachgame.com have the  new  release  of  " the [10% Off]10.1 Inch Zenithink C94 Quad Core Cortex A9 Capacitive Android 4.1 Tablet PC 8GB White"

    Let  us  go  to  http://www.eachgame.com/goods-17639.html  to  order

    Model Zenithink C94
    CPU Quad Core Cortex A9
    Bluetooth Function Support
    Frequency 4.8GHz
    Operation System Android 4.1
    RAM DDR3 1GB
    ROM (Memory) 8GB Nand Flash
    Screen 10.1 Inch Capacitive Screen
    Resolution 1024*600
    Extend Memory Device TF card, U-disk
    Camera Dual camera, both are 2.0MP
    G-Sensor Yes
    Multi-Touch Yes, 10 points touch
    USB External Module USB 3G Module
    WIFI Support
    Chat Software QQ/ MSN
    Browser Internet Explorer
    Photo JPEG/GIF
    Video 1080P MP4/AVI/MKV/3GP/RMVB/RM
    Audio MP3/WAV/WMA/AAC/AAC+ and WAV/WMA Record
    Language Multilingual
    Loudspeaker Built-in 1W Stereo Loudspeaker and single track record
    Battery 5600mAh 3.7V polymer lithium battery
    LED Indicator Light Built-in
    Power Adapter Input: 220V,Output: DC 5V,3A
    I/O Interface 1 x DC In Power Port, 1 x Earphone Jack, 1 x RJ45 Port, 1 x TF Card Slot, 1 x USB 2.0 OTG Port, 1 x HDMI Port
    Package List 1 x AC Adapter, 1 x OTG Cable, 1 x HDMI Cable, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x User Manual
    Color White
    1-year manufacturer's warranty This warranty is offered directly by the manufacturer. Should the item become defective within the manufacturer's warranty period(physical damages and damages caused by incorrect usage excluded), customers may send the unit back to PA's office. PA will help forwarding the item to the manufacturer for repair or replacement, and will look after the progress

    European and North American Nintendo Direct videos


    Nintendo has posted videos of its European and North American Nintendo Direct presentations. Both presentations feature lots of Wii U game showcases, including Pikmin 3, Wii Fit U, Wii U Panorama View, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. There are some funny moments with Reggie Fils-Aime, and a LEGO version of Satoru Iwata. There are over two dozen Wii U games coming out in the first half of 2013. Check out the videos below. The North American Nintendo Direct is about 30 minutes, while the European one is about 45 minutes.

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    New game releases of November 26-December 2


    The pre-holidays rush of new releases is slowing to a trickle, but it's still pretty juicy. This week will bring Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, the PC edition of Super Hexagon, Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, some classic Sega fighting games, and a few more.

    Here's our list of next week's new releases:

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    How to rest pre owned Diary Girl game on Nintendo DS?

    I want to sell my Diary Girl nintendo DS game but there is all my information on it like my password and i was wondering if there was anyway to reset the game so it would be possible to sell it?
    Thank you

    How do you defeat xion in Kingdom hearts for ds in the final battle?

    I was able to make it to the third stage of the final battle with xion, but I'm having trouble advancing beyond that. Also I have some very powerful gear and I also need some advice on what would be the most powerful combination even possible for the zero gear.

    Why aren’t pokemon black version 2 and pokemon white version 2 going to be on the 3ds?

    Why aren't pokemon black version 2 and pokemon white version 2 going to be on the 3ds? I keep up with pokemon news and they are just going to be normal ds games. Why aren't they going to be 3ds games?

    How to play 3D roms on Flashcards?

    I was so stupid today assuming that the acekard site's update would let me play 3D roms. It bricked my AK2i! Now I got the black screen saying "an error occurred…". This is what I did: 

    1) My DSi firmware has 1.4.3U 

    2) The AK2i had 1.4.1 firmware (Alex the stomrider icon) 

    3) I installed the update 3DS3.0 for dsi 

    What did I do wrong? 

    Now, it's f***ed, I don't have a Lite or Phat to unbrick it. Thinking of buying a new type of flashcard that is ready to play 3DS games on 3DS. Any ideas? 


    So far, no flashcard can allow you play 3DS games. all the flashcards are only playing DS games on 3DS. So you need to wait or buy another Acekard 2i flashcard and play only DS games. 

    That has been talk for ages. It hasn't been released and probably never will. Wait for the good guys at acekard. Even if cyclo3ds releases something, their team is nothing like Acekard 

    What is the next major new 3DS major game?

    I had the 3DS since the release date and the only games I have got is Samurai Chronicles and Zelda (which I completed in 2 days….) and I need to new game before September for Star Fox 64.

    I have the lego's for the wii and have Rayman for the PS1 and didn't really like it.And by major game I mean something like Zelda which everyone had been waiting for?

    I had never played a ridge racer game before so I didn't know what to expect from this game, so my first reaction when I played the game in full 3d was WOW!! 

    It is very mesmerizing, the graphics, the gameplay and the music are really enjoyable, the commentators can get boring after some time but you can turn them off, I'm really loving it

    About Playing Futuristic Tetris

    Nintendo 3DS will let you play augmented-reality Tetris. Augmented reality. Do you know what that means? Tetris on your desk. Tetris just floating out there in thin air for you to play.

    It works…okay. Take a look at our first playtest of AR Tetris in the video we shot at Kotaku HQ in New York City today. And bear in mind that these are two of more than 20 Tetris modes in Oct. 2's Tetris Axis.

    Use R4 DS Card for Your DS Consoles

    R4 DS Individual Guidebook intended for R4 DS as well as R4-SDHC as well as R4i-SDHC credit cards. A number of customers are different inside using R4. Most noticed R4 through friends as well as need to find out the simple info. The 1st plan will be R4 is the ink container and it ought to be utilised and also the microSD storage device. The kernel software ought to become set up from the microSD. You can find generally only two forms of R4 greeting card, some may be intended for DS Lite as well as a further using my spouse and i is perfect for DSi as well as DSi XL units. The greeting card using my spouse and i, indeed, are available intended for DSL in addition. Nevertheless the greeting card not having my spouse and i can’t become utilised intended for DSi.

    R4 DS user guide for R4 SDHC will help you get started with the R4 card that you have purchased. After you receive the R4, the first step, you need to download the system kernel from the official site. Most cards have the official website printted on the card front. If you buy R4 card from www.tech4mods.com, there is kernel uploaded for customer download. Next, simply insert the MicroSD card to the USB card reader provided, then go to the official web to download the latest kernel. Remember to copy to the root of the MicroSD card. The file that you download is a compressed archive. The last bit of the file name is “.rar”. Compressed archives may contain one several files, you need to extract those files and copy them onto your MicroSD card. Itemize the steps for easy reference:

    1. Download the archive (mentioned in the above step) to your computer.

    2. Insert the MicroSD card into your MicroSD card reader.

    3. Insert the MicroSD card reader into your computer.

    4. Open the file explorer of your computer and open your MicroSD card drive.

    5. Extract all the files from the downloaded archive to the root of the MicroSD card

    6. Insert the SD card to the R4 slot, insert to the Slot-1, then power on your DS or DSi.

    7. You can drag and drop your own game files or homebrew game roms to the SD card, either create a game folder or not, both should work for your DS.

    What are the best DS games?

    I found a new store that is loaded with Import DS games and felt kinda lost so I left and plan to go back. What are the best Import DS games that do not have US counterparts? Games that it would be ok if you cannot read Japanese. Mecha? JRPG? Anime based? Shmup? I only have a few so I'll start the list off with two I can remember I have.

    1. Mother 3

    2. Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosey Rupee Land

    3. Jump Ultimate Stars

    4. Jump Super Stars

    5. Last Window:The Secret of Cape West 

    6. Ouendan 1&2

    7. Choushouju Mecha MG

    8. Kamen Rider Generations 

    9. Taiko no Tatsujin DS (Rhythm)

    10. Ketsui ds 

    11. Fist of the North Star DS 

    12. NiNoKuni

    13. Daigasso! Band Brothers (Rhythm)

    14. Nodame Cantabile (Rhythm)

    15. Tingle's Ballon Trip of Love

    16. Ketsui Death Label

    what are good games coming up for 3ds?

    I went in on that wallmart deal but now I need some games.I'm not normally into hand helds but i find it to be a great system(3d is just cool!) but like every new gaming system release it lacks software. 

    Anyways what are some new upcoming games? i plan on getting zelda but id love some of those addicting pokenmon games, jrpgs and some mario stuff.

    the end,I sometimes buy 3DS games from Eachgame.com,Very cheap!

    I have R4i-SDHC 3DS save date file problem

    Recently I purchase a new R4i-SDHC for 3DS, but for some reason, some of the game I play I couldn’t save the game data,
    For example, Fire emblem-shadow dragon, I save the game file in the game, but when I play the game next time, in the menu screen it will say creating save data, and whatever I save yesterday was complete gone, have to start from the begging.
    Can someone know this can help me? Or anyone can tell me how to use the function of the real time save? Or anyway I can find out how to use all the r4i function?

    The R4i SDHC 3DS card still can’t support Nintendo DSi V1.4.3, it seems to be lagged. They claimed to released a V1.4.3 update patch for r4i sdhc card long time ago. but no new information untill now.

    3DS jailbreak successfully

    3DS games are successfully dumped out by the most famous DUMP organizer – LGC team. It is the new break pot of Nintendo 3DS jailbreak. It means the real r4 3DS card will come in not long time.

    With it’s own assembled equipment, LGC team successfully DUMP 3 3DS games, which is:

    Super_Monkey_Ball_3D_EUR_3DS-LGC (Download link)

    By checking the NFO infomations, we know the capacity of before 2 games are 2GB(256MB), the last game capacity is 4GB (512MB).

    As we know, 3DS jailbreak is not so easy as it is very new. All R4 3DS cards on the market currently run on 3DS console with DSi model, they are actually DSi game cards. But now, the real R4 3DS card may come out soon. The DUMP team successfullly run these 3 3DS ROMs on it’s own equipment, 3DS game jailbreak is largely speed up. We belive the flashcard manufacturors will follow it in the first time, and the real R4 3DS card will come soon.

    Good News:Pokemon White Version 2011 New 3DS/DS/DSL/Dsi V1.4.1

    Appealing to both experienced players and newbies, the Pokemon White Version for Nintendo DS gives you a fantastical experience. Featuring solely the legendary Zekrom Pokemon, this Nintendo DS game is all about training all the monsters in battle. The reptilian Zekrom in this role-playing game is fully black with a huge, heavy electrically-charged tail, which attacks powerfully. The graphics in Pokemon White Version are very eye-catching and vibrant with an engaging 3D element. With the Triple Battles and Rotation Battles styles, this Nintendo DS game lets you switch Pokemons before every attack and send out a three team member against opponents. The Pokemon in this role-playing game have combined moves that allow you attack enemies with a powerful and strong impact.
    Game Special Features •Features more than 150 never-before-seen Pokemon, more than any previous Pokemon video game has introduced. Until players complete the main adventure, they will only encounter these new Pokemon, creating a new experience that series fans and newcomers alike can enjoy for the first time.
    •Players assume the role of a young Pokemon Trainer who travels throughout the Unova region, catching and training Pokemon and battling other Trainers on a quest to become the Pokemon League Champion. Players must defeat other powerful Trainers while working to uncover the plans of the mysterious Team Plasma.
    •The in-game high-tech C-Gear lets players easily connect in a variety of ways. The C-Gear can connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and sync with the Pokemon Global Link. When users are playing locally, they can use the C-Gear to trade Friend Codes, trade Pokemon and battle seamlessly.
    •Using IR technology that is built into the game card, it’s faster than ever to set up battles and trades with nearby friends.
    •Xtransceiver lets players using a Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL system connect via video chat using the system’s camera. Up to four players can use the service locally, or two can use it via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (each player needs his or her own system).
    •For the first time in a Pokemon video game, the seasons will change in the game world. Certain Pokemon appear more frequently during particular seasons, and players can only access some areas during a specific season.
    •Pokemon Global Link lets players save their game data to a website and enjoy their Pokemon outside of the game. When accessing the Pokemon Global Link, players can visit and customize the Pokemon Dream World to play minigames and watch their Pokemon’s dreams; they can access the Global Battle Union to view their world ranking; and they can connect to the Global Trade Station, which lets them view their trades with other players.More…

    DSTWO Firmware 1.11 Supports DSi Firmware 1.4.2?

    The Supercard DSTWO’s latest firmware update has been released, fixing compatibility with the latest DSi firmware update.If your NDSi has been updated to V1.4.2 and your Supercard Dstwo can not work on it.You can update your Supercard Dstwo with this patch.
    R4ids(r4ids.cn)team also released the updating patch for R4i Gold 3DS card, here is another thread of mine.

    What genre game do you like

    Easy for me if you can tell me genre DS game that you love.

    Some of my suggestion :

    Advance Wars: Dual Strike [TURN-BASED STRATEGY]
    Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow [PLATFORMER]
    Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin [PLATFORMER]
    Chrono Trigger DS [RPG]
    Elite Beat Agents [MUSIC]
    Final Fantasy IV [RPG]
    Final Fantasy III [RPG]
    Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars [ACTION ADVENTURE]
    Mario Kart DS [RACING]
    Metroid Prime: Hunters [FPS]
    New Super Mario Bros. [PLATFORMER]
    Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice (Ace Attorney series) [ADVENTURE]
    Super Mario 64 DS [PLATFORMER]
    The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass [ACTION ADVENTURE]
    The World Ends With You [RPG]
    Trauma Center: Under the Knife 1 and 2 [MEDICAL SIMULATION]

    And what’s your opinion?

    EZ Flash Vi and Moonshell Problem

    How do get moonshell to work my EZ Flash Vi? I have the latest updated EZ Flash and the moonshell I'm using is 2.0. I think there's a 2.05 but I can't find it. I googled the problem and was told to put the moonshell.nds at the anywhere on the memory card and to put the moonshell folder at the root of the memory card. It didn't work.

    Ronaldo Love R4i-SDHC Very Much

    R4i-SDHC is the most popular R4 card so far,even Ronaldo,one of the greatest football players,loves it very much.

    Ronaldo just retired and said goodbye to his loved football,in his spare time,he loves playing NDSi games and he loves R4i-SDHC card very much.

    R4i SDHC V1.4.1 upgrade ( R4i-SDHC DSi 1.4.1) is a SLOT-1 flash card for Nintendo DSi V1.4.1 / DSi XL / DS and DS Lite consoles. It is the same size as an original flashcard. It supports SDHC,multi-language, has multi-media features, and can run that most games and homebrews. It is a equipment that have to been owned for the global Nintendo DSi series player.

    What’s DS Games do you like on 3DS?

    1UP’s 3DS came in from Japan today. While we don’t yet have our hands on any 3DS games, that didn’t stop Jeremy Parish from unboxing it and running us through its initial start up. He also put the system through a number of tests involving original DS games, including Dragon Quest IX and Contra 4.

    Although it might be somewhat difficult to see in video form, the video upscaling that the 3DS enables by default tends to make DS games look pretty bad. Alternatively, you can enable a 1:1 mode that doesn’t upscale (thereby avoiding unnecessarily-bad-looking DS games ). On the downside, the amount of screen real estate that’s used in 1:1 mode is fairly small — noticeably smaller than the size of the screens on a DSi.

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